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Dissemination Event

The primary objective of the project was to raise awareness about the needs and challenges faced by women, and to promote initiatives that supported and empowered women. To achieve this goal, we met with Krakow's City Hall and local NGOs to share our project's results and raise the profile of our organizations.

Through this outreach, we aimed to create new opportunities to extend the reach of our project and build partnerships for the future.

One of the key objectives of our project was to raise awareness about the support needs and barriers faced by women. By highlighting these issues and bringing them to the forefront of public consciousness, we hoped to foster a more inclusive and equitable society that supported and uplifted women.


To achieve this aim, we used the information gathered during our project to conduct an event to present our findings and recommendations. We aimed to engage with a broader audience and raise awareness about the issues facing women in Europe.


Additionally, we hoped to create a platform for ongoing dialogue and collaboration, where individuals and organizations could share ideas and work together to promote gender equality and empower women in their communities. Ultimately, our goal was to create a more equitable and inclusive society that provided equal opportunities and support for all its members.

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