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Each workshop features three hours of engaging discussions, activities, and interactions as well as a place for networking and integration. Coffee and snacks will be served during the workshop, along with some free time for socializing.

Women Voting


Women Leadership and Initiative
Riga, Latvia

The goal of the workshop is to teach women skills for creating concepts and to increase their awareness of the power of action. The event will focus on empowering women to start new projects and share their ideas. Women will leave the workshop feeling empowered and ready to shape their future.


Women's Rights in Action Kraków, Poland 

The "Women's Rights" workshop will educate women about local rights and how to function in local society. Women will be informed about localities where they can expand their network and try new activities. 

Friends Smiling


Raising Up: Building Better Communities
Kraków, Poland 

Women will learn how to establish a better society, support other women, and solve problems together in the "Raising Up" workshop. Through interactive sessions and experiential learning, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their personal strengths and abilities, and how to leverage them to effect positive change in their communities.

Happy Friends Laughing
Women Colleagues


Be Yourself
Vienna, Austria

"Be yourself: mental women wellbeing" workshop will focus on stress and emotion balance, taking into account reasons that may cause migrant women to feel lost and depressed in a new country, particularly in countries where societies are still not that open minded. The workshop will provide strategies for dealing with this and finding inner inspiration.

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