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Women's Rights in Action
Krakow, Poland

The "Women's Rights" workshop was designed with the aim of providing women with essential knowledge about their rights within the local community, while also equipping them with the skills needed to navigate effectively in their new environment.


Through interactive sessions and informative discussions, participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of the rights they hold as individuals and within the society they have become a part of.

About Workshop

On the morning of April 22, 2023, the second workshop of the project unfolded at the inviting venue of Best Western Plus Krakow Old Town, Poland.

The primary focus of this workshop was to establish a safe and nurturing environment where migrant women could openly converse about their distinctive challenges, exchange their experiences, and collaboratively devise strategies to bolster their empowerment and advocate for their rights. The key objectives of the workshop were not only addressed but also successfully achieved. These objectives encompassed delving into both international and local rights, tracing the evolution of women's leadership across history, and delving into current challenges.

Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in vibrant discussions. The discussions revolved around raising awareness about the specific hurdles faced by migrant women, understanding the significance of providing migrant women with tools and resources that enable them to assert their rights alongside their local counterparts. This endeavor sought to foster stronger connections among women from diverse backgrounds. Central to these conversations was the shared vision of fostering gender equality and inclusivity within society. The participants collectively acknowledged the importance of constant innovation in pursuit of meaningful change.


By embracing these dialogues and collaborating toward common goals, the workshop nurtured an atmosphere of support, learning, and growth, ultimately contributing to a more empowered and inclusive community.

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